We can overcome any project's obstacles large or small.

With over 10 years of experience, CSG Contracting brings new and fresh ideas to the table.‚Äč Planted in El Paso, Tx., CSG Contracting provides elite contracting services with great attention to detail in all fields. From residential repairs and remodeling to commercial facelifts, to specialty builds from the bottom up.

Preconstruction Design

With our innovative in-house design team, not only can we help with concepts, but we can supply you with a 3d rendering and 2d plans to give you visual accuracy of your project.

Construction Funding

Through our trusting partnerships in financing, we are able to provide the best financing for your innovative project.

On-Site Consultations

We work closely with the client on making sure every detail is done correctly and promptly.

The Finishing Touches

We always assure that the final product is what was agreed on. The cherry on top is the smile on your face once the project is completed.